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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Love is love.

I'm sure you're wondering what "a l'oeuvre, on connait l'ouvrier" means. It's a French proverb. It means, a carpenter is known by his chips. Only cool people post stuff in French :)

I guess everyone is doing this blog thing, and it seems like a good place to put down some of the thoughts that I constantly ponder in my head. 

What I'm thinking about right now is love. People say "I love you" pretty much daily, but I think it's a word that teenagers misuse constantly. I mean seriously. I have friends who will date someone, and after two days they say their in love with them. And I have friends who will cheat constantly on their girlfriends/boyfriends and still say they love them. You don't fall in love with someone after a few days of dating. I've never been completely in love with someone. I will be, someday, but not now. I have friends that I love, but in a friend type of way. It just burns me up how quickly teenagers are to say "I love you," when they probably don't even know what true love is.

Love is love. Period. You can't sort of love someone. You either do or you don't. And I doubt that these teenagers are seriously in love.

This is it for now...feel free to post your thoughts.

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  1. That is so true! My friend got married in september and she told me once, "Imagine how romantic it would be if the first time your boyfriend says 'I love you' he gets down on one knee and asks you to marry him!" (thats what happended to her.)

    She was pretty much saying that love is for a lifetime, not just a couple of months.