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Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's The Inside That Counts

The majority of teenager girls suffer from some sort of self esteem problem. Girls and women alike had higher self esteem years ago, before the internet came around. But self esteem has always been an issue for women. Many people seem to think that if our body isn't a size 3 or smaller, we're plus size, fat, obese, overweight, unloveable, and unwanted. The average American woman is a size 10, so why do we believe that when we are in fact normal, we're not? This leads to eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia, and complusive eating. Everyone is completely beautiful and lovely in their own way. Everyone has diffrent features; some people have flawless skin, or beautiful eyes, or a lovely smile. But you know what really matters? Your heart. Large, small, tall, or short, in the end, your personality is the only thing that will matter.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, so please, comment away :)

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  1. Just from my own observations, women didn't really have higher self-esteem before the Internet. But people WERE way more polite and considerate in how they said things (because we were usually saying them face-to-face). So maybe the Internet just makes it easier to be snarky, mean, and back-stabbing to people, and the low self-esteem and rivalry and nonsense is made more obvious.

    You are right: everyone is beautiful -- in many ways. But our society only affirms (worships) people with certain looks or certain talents... or lots of money. So people without those particular things do not get affirmed, and since they don't have anything else telling them of their value, they assume they have less value. Which is an outright lie.

    Everyone has a God-given need to be valued in some way. A way to be significant... to know they matter in this world. This is not a selfish thing; this is a legitimate need. And there is a legitimate way to meet it. But you won't find it in any social network.

    Anya, you write well. You have a good mind. I hope you keep writing and writing and writing, because it will only get better. And it will grow fast! You'll look back at something you wrote six months ago and think how poor it is now when you thought it was so great then. That's because your writing will grow.

    Keep writing. :)

    Mrs. Robbins