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Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Solid Rock

My Grandma is back in the hospital, and it's really hard to see her laying in a hospital bed, when she's the strongest person I know. My Grandma has been my best friend from the start, and her being sick has made me kind of treasure every moment I have with her. My Grandpa was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago, and it's kind of scary to think that the two strongest, most influential people I've ever known are getting sick. I know God has a reason for everything, and I am really trying to trust in Him. I just have to keep my faith, and pray. And maybe the end result of this whole thing will be my parents becoming Christians...I don't know. I wish I did know what's going to happen. But God knows, and he's the solid rock I'll have to rely on now. And not just in this situation. Maybe God's trying to get me to quit relying on people and friends so much and on Him. But I don't know. Please keep Steve and Beverly Bailey in your prayers. And Grandma and Grandpa, I love you much. <3

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